First Time Experience.

Ashikin, Najwa and I registered as participants in Dato' Zainal Adzam Internal Moot Competition. Since the beginning, we have decided our roles. I was as the senior counsel, Ashikin as junior counsel while Najwa as our researcher.

It was a wonderful experience to do mooting. We did not sleep for two days while preparing for the written submission. Weeks of struggles. Authorities, arguments and laws, we juggled.

On the day of the competition, after several fierceful fights and struggles, we only managed to get 1st runner up for this competition. It was a delightful experience in a law school. I might regret as a law student if I don't know what mooting really is and how to moot.

What is Mooting?

Mooting is an oral presentation during Court proceedings in order to assist the Judge to decide the case. It looks like a debate but actually it is how to persuade the Judge.

The Art of  Mooting.

Mooters have to use specific words in mooting.

Mooters don't say "Thank you" , but "Much Obliged"

Mooters don't say "The Judge" when referring to the Judge , but "My Lord, My Lady, Your Excellencies" (depends on which Court presiding the case)

Mooters must be polite and asking for permission from the Court when necessary.

"With the Court's permission, I will now begin with my submission."

Mooting requires the mooters to practice appropriate manners.

Lessons Learnt.

Mooting taught me to become more confident in public speaking.

1. Presenting the case must be in confident manner.

2. Without confidence, convincing the Judge would be a hard task.

Mooting taught me to be well-prepared in every kind of situations.

1. Regardless mooters or not, a law student has to be equipped with knowledge in law and be prepared in every situations.

2. Sometimes the Judge asks unexpected questions which are not relevant to the issues concerning the case.

3. As mooters, you have to anticipate what are the possible arguments that might be brought by the opponents.

4. Attack the opponent's strongest points and defend your weakest points.

Mooting taught me gentleman quality.

1. Dress to kill. Dress appropriately according to court's etiquette. Black and White should be the colour.

2. Good manners is a must in mooting.

Moot Spirit

Since mooting have taught me so much lessons, the moot spirit will always be alive in my soul. However, I am not planning to enter into any competition within short period of times because of other commitments. I do still love to learn more about mooting. And, I am not going to end here.

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