Me book, You book, We book.

"Today, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Therefore, lets write a good one."

-Zeaf I-sahus-

Plan on how to achieve our goals. Remind ourselves about the Purpose of this life. People have goals but the planning is wrong. How should we plan. I would like to share something on planning to achieve our desired visions. Plan with the word "ISLAMIC". I. S. L.A. M. I. C.

I. stands for Islamic

When we have goal, we have to determine whether it is islamic or not. Here, Islamic means, in order to achieve that goal, we have to achieve it according to the teachings of Quran and based on the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him(pbuh). When we do something, we do it "LILLAHI TA'ALA".

S. stands for Specific

Specific means we could picture our goal. For instance, I want to success. This is not specific. This is general. Success? How we define success? Success where? In what field? The goal should be " I want to get 4.oo CGPA for this semester in order to pursue my study in Law Degree and as a token of gratitude to my parent as well as to propagate the message of Islam.

L. stands for Lucrative

Is our goal lucrative? Is our goal profitable? Would it benefits others when it is achieved? How much it benefits? Who would be benefited? Ourselves? Parents? Islam? Society?

A. stands for Appropriate

When we are going to achieve goals, are we putting APPROPRIATE efforts? Is it HALAL?

Take for example,

My specific goal is I want to gain USD 13,000,000 in 3 months times.

My means in order to achieve the said goal is I sell drugs, commit burglary, theft and etc.

The goal is specific ,however, my means is not appropriate/halal/legal.

M. stands for Measurable

For example,

My goal is I want to build the tallest building in this world. This is specific but not measurable.

What is the measurement for 'tallest'? How big its foundation?

I. stands for Intention

LILLAHI TA'ALA. Our intention is only to please Allah and His beloved messenger, Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

C. stands for Consistency

This is where the stage, people cannot achieve their goals. Consistency/ Istiqamah is a must in our efforts to secure something.

Insya-Allah brothers and sisters, may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be with you.

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