Aaisha (RA) stated that Prophet Muhammad (Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam) said,

“The deeds which Allah loves the most are those done regularly, even if they are small.” (Bukhari & Muslim).

You can achieve tremendous things if you just take one step at a time and keep on going, letting nothing stop you. You can get a doctorate,, memorize the Quran, write a book, start a successful business, or any other great achievement, if you are consistent, as steady as the sun. It’s not about the big push. It’s the light but steady touch that does it.

Be consistent. Take action. Do. Work toward your plan every day, no matter what else is happening in your life, but don’t burn yourself out. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) already gave us the formula in the hadith above.

1. Persistence,
2. Determination,
3. Small steps,
4. One after another,
5. Every day.

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