A love of Reading

With Allah's wills, someday, I will extend the number of family members. I will get married with the one I love. From the marriage, a new family will be founded or formed. Then, we will have children. Children are basic mobility for the ummah. It is for the parents to equip the children to become great individuals who can contribute to the ummah, country and world that we live in.

When I have my new home, I want to establish a library. I would like to fill my home with great books. The children should be taught that to lead in their lives they must read in their days. One of the finest gifts parents can give to their children is a love of reading and a passion for good books. Any question of lives are contained in books. With reading, they can meet with great philosophers and wisest thinkers, and they can acquire wisdom as well as knowledge from them.

My Planning and Recommendations :

1. 3 Shelves For Books.

Parents should provide sufficient reading materials for their children. Books such as bedtime stories, religion, astronomy, aerospace, dinosaurs and fairy tales would be very interesting, compelling and suitable for children.

2. Schedule 30 minutes reading session.

Instead of spending time watching television and engaging with electronic digital devices, I plan and recommend a 30-minute reading session. This can be done daily or weekly.

In this modern days, parents have too little time to do too much work. Spending a quality 30-minute reading with children would strengthen the bonding of the family.

The basic idea here is the parents read to their children and explain to them the value or knowledge in the books. It can be done in vice versa, anyway. This could sharpen the communication and critical thinking skills of the children.

I believe this nightly ritual would influence the children's lives in a much positive way.

3. Lead by example.

We live in a world where we blame others. We do not want to read because our parents did not read. Children do not want to read because we do not read. To encourage others to to do something, we have to show them first how to do it.

By showing to the children the habit of reading, will cultivate the love of reading to them.

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