Some advices to be money-wise

Living on a shoestring budget is not easy. There are timrs when our pockets are empty even before the month has come to an end. The allowances given by KPT to us are decreasing. For those who take PTPTN loan, they have to pay back. Nothing in life comes free, we all know that!.

Living as a student has given me an opportunity for me to feel what students do and I can feel how much money are spent for tertiary education including fees, daily cost, unseen expenditure and so forth. I like to observe people. Living with them has taught me how we as students here can actually stretch the ringgit. Things have become expensive over the last couple of years and I personally feel that the tips I am about to cite below could teach us to be money-wise.

#1. Make a list when you go out to shop. This will prevent you from buying things on impulse. Shopping on impulse makes you waste money, that is, you end up purchasing things you do not actually need.

#2. If you smoke or spend a lot of your money buying reload credits or make-up, stop it. You will be surprised at how much money you can actually save.

#3. Do not be envious of friends who have big allowances or come from rich family. You cannot afford to spend like them if you are on a tight budget. Stop keeping up with the Joneses. Learn to live within you means.

#4. Do not go out often or unnecessarily. Be with your friends at the dormitory. You can watch movies, play indoor games and study together. Going out makes you spend money. However, going out once in two weeks would be necessary because all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy.

#5. Shop when there are sales or bargains. Things you need could go as low as 70 percent off their original price. Clearance sales or Year-End-Sales offer goods at knock-down prices too.

#6. Finally, there is nothing embarrassing about taking hand-me-downs. If you are offered used books, clothes or even electrical gadgets that are still in good condition, accept them gracefully. The person who offers you these items is probably very happy that he or she can be of some help to you. In addition you can take things that are left when students have semester leave. Usually, degree students will have an earlier holiday than others. They would leave some of their belongings because they could not take all home. They left them and those things are considered as trashes. So, don't be ashamed for collecting those trashes.

Why not try out tips I have mentioned above. These simple suggestions will help you to reduce stress caused by bad saving and spending habits.

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