Someone repaid my kindness

When I was making my way to the faculty on the morning, I used an umbrella because there was a downpour. Behind me, there was a guy also heading to the same destination. I offered him to share my umbrella. We went to the faculty together.

In the evening, I went to the food court to buy some foods for dinner. I was alone because Adman was sick. Usually he accompany me. The distance between my residential college and the food court is quite far. Plus, geographically UiTM is wavy.

Suddenly, there was a yell, calling me.. "Bro!!" . It was a guy with bike, helmet on his head, offering me to send me to the college. The guy was whom I helped on the morning.

My kindness was repaid.

Every act of kindness, indeed, small or big, Allah will surely repay for His servants. A bigger kindness with bigger reward.

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